Shamanic Healing

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Raven's Shamanic Healing Tools

  Shamanic Healing tools

Raven's shamanic healing tools include medicine drums, singing bowls, crystal wands, tuning forks and shamanic feathers. Each instrument is finely tuned to the needs of each client.

Shamanic Healing Session

A session can include much of the following:

  Chakra balance & cleanse
  Past / future life issues
  Soul retrieval
  Clear / remove stagnant emotional energy
  Release emotional components of physical ailments
  Clear past traumas / incidents from cellular memory
  Messages from loved ones who have passed
  Clear ancestral issues / DNA
  Clear toxins
  Release self-sabotage
  Align you with your highest purpose
  Enhance connection to your Guardians / Spirit / Source
  Rewire / reprogram negative beliefs, patterns, perspectives and behaviours

Shamanic Healing Session With Raven
Angled Shamanic Feather

“The work you do is nothing short of magic, Raven. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Ashley

"...just being in her presence has helped me get through life changing injuries..."

— Owen

"I feel empowered, protected and my body feels like it has shed an old crumbling skin."

— Aradia

"Once you have done it you will wonder what's taken you so long to find her!"

— Dixie

Please Note: This is a complementary therapy and does not replace medical advice. Raven does not diagnose illness or mental health issues, nor does she work with people who have been adversely affected by drugs or who have mental health issues such as delusions or personality disorders.